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What Is Senior Companionship?

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Senior CompanionshipMany seniors are able to live independent lives in their own homes. However, it can be isolating for many seniors, particularly over the last few years with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seniors are spending more time on their own in their homes, which can lead to boredom, loneliness, and a lack of feeling connected to friends, family, and the community. This can be particularly problematic if the adult children are not living close to their elderly parents or if they are busy with school, work, kids, and their own lives.

The Senior Companionship Solution

At European Best Care, we offer a senior companionship program that is the ideal solution. This is non-medical support for seniors throughout our service area. Our team of companions has scheduled times to visit with the seniors and provide social interaction, basic support around the house, and even the opportunity to have someone to go on outings within the community.

Our companions can spend a full day with your loved one or just a few hours. Each of our seniors and their families can customize the service to meet the requirements. The companions are wonderful at getting to know your loved one and finding things to do together. This could include going to the hairdresser or the barber, taking in events in the community, going shopping together, or even providing transportation to appointments.

Think of the senior companionship program as a friend for your elderly loved one. Our companions are experts at engaging the elderly in conversation, games to add fun, and in creating a positive social engagement to support what you are already doing in the family European Best Care.

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