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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our family has been so grateful for the experienced and loving care givers provided by European Best Care for my father. Their communication with our family has been consistent, clear and helpful in creating a healthy and safe environment. I highly recommend.

Regina March

My name is Svetlana and I work in European Best Care, Home Service placement agency as a coordinator for a while now. I get to see day to day operations and relationships, work on different situations and issues that come up with clients, their families and caregivers. I can say first hand and with confidence that this company is very professional and dedicated to clients and caregivers and thrives to provide care and meet needs of families and individuals that work in and with our company.

Svetlana Vasey

Our family received great care for my aunt, we have been very blessed to have European Best care by our side this entire time. They are highly professional and very supportive. Thank you

Mikhail Blinovskov

I've used EBC for 18 months. I've been very happy with the service and caregivers provided. Always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in search of caregivers for their loved ones.

Stacy Grutzius

I found European Best Care Agency after my 95 yr old aunt was discharged from the hospital. She had day caretakers but we wanted to extend to 24/7. I was very impressed with the staff that came in for an interview and on very short notice we were able to find compatible caretakers. We were able to find the caretakers that best complimented my aunt's needs (she is very hard of hearing). Tanya is very attentive to clients needs. She had some extraordinary staff that provided BEST of care and were compassionate, caring & consistent. I am a nurse & my brother a board certified hospice doctor and our family would highly recommend Tanya for her expansive list of staff to choose from during COVID-19 and her fast response to our ever changing needs.The staff was professional & friendly.

Deb S.

I have experience (28 years) working with the elderly as well as with agencies. Last 4 years I have been working with European Best Care, there is good attitude towards caregivers with respect and attention. The agency is always in contact with caregivers and the families and help to solve any problems. I reccomend using the service of this agency for thos who are looking for job as a caregiver or for families who is looking for caregiver

Nata Waxstein

European Best care gave me and my family the "Best Care"!!!! They were always there for me and to assist with our needs, and/or concerns... they never "did" not put up with me. My father passed in his home with his family, and Donna, a wonderful caring caregiver European Best Care provided for us. Donna was very comforting, and "God Bless" her, as her heart is surely with the person needing the care. My father enjoyed Donna, and her daughter's company (who also was provided for us prior to Donna's arrival), while he was still coherent enough and able. Donna communicated for my father when he could not communicate for himself. She watched over him, helped him with cleaning himself up, and kept him clean when he could not. She mitigated his pain as much as possible. I have never been through such an experience, and I love my father very much... I "thank" European Best Care, and their staff, for working with me and providing nurturing comfort along the way. I "miss" my father, and I "miss" Tanya at European Best Care. I will recommend them for sure as they are the Best!!

Lisa Doggett

I contacted Tanya after my father had pneumonia and was in need for greater caregiver help. Tanya has been tremendously helpful in finding caregivers that would be right for my father. The agency remained flexible and worked with our increased need for caregiver support. We started with a daytime caregiver but soon realized we needed a nighttime caregiver as well. Tanya has been professional and timely in providing caregivers to us. Thank you!

Manroop Chawla

If you are looking for A+ caregiving services this is the place to go. My grandmother couldn't be happier with their work. Nothing but great things to say!

Dmitry Moroz

Kudos and many thanks to European Best Care! We needed to find a highly capable live-in caregiver to look after my mother, who requires assistance with activities of daily living. On short notice, Tanya and Vladimir provided us with several suitable candidates to interview. We hired one of them — a wonderful lady — and she is now taking excellent care of my mother and her home! Thank you to Tanya and Vladimir for your responsiveness and professionalism! They put us at ease, and made what might have been a stressful situation into something stress-free. We highly recommend European Best Care!

Joyce L.

European Best care helped me take care of my loved one for four years. The caregivers were very compassionate and dependable. They managed all the activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, transfer assistance and incontinence care. They cooked wonderful meals and managed all the laundry and even helped with shopping. The case manager was so helpful with oversight and even visited to make sure everything was going well. I would recommend them for anyone looking for reliable in home care and assistance.


We've been clients of European Best Care for many months now and are very happy with everything they've done for our family. They took time to understand our situation and quickly provided us with a number of caregivers to interview. We were able to quickly find someone who was a *perfect* fit - she has become an invaluable extension of our family. They also do a full background check on all of their caregivers - very crucial when you are bringing someone into your family member's home. I can't say enough about European Best Care. They are professional, kind, considerate, flexible, knowledgeable, and available whenever we need anything.

Lora Lohman

If you are looking for someone who actually cares, this is the place to go! I called European Best Care when my mother in law got to the age when she wasn't able to take care of herself. My husband and I are working people and unfortunately we don't have time to take care of her. The caregiver we have is amazing. She is knowledgeable and caring, that was the most important. Our mother in law is an amazing woman but she has a special condition and requires a 24 hours care, which became possible with this European Best Care rates. Thank you so much for being so helpful and affordable!

Lyuda Ksenych

I am so thankful to all of you! My father's health had declined: Parkinson's disease, diabetes and a stroke. I made several calls to various agencies and called European Best Care. They asked me lots of questions, explained their services and also me to call other agencies and ask around. In other words, no pressure. They even told me the questions I should ask all agencies. I did my homework and finally got my family together and we decided to hire European Best Care, It was a peace of mind for my whole family. My father had 2 wonderful caregivers for over 3 yrs. He is now deceased but I always highly recommend them to any family/friends that are looking for a professional and compassionate team.

James Duffy

Very good and realible company with excellent staff and affordable rates, highly recommend to anyone who is in search of home care services. I couldn't thank them enough for their caregivers who they really do care about you and your family! A+

Vladimir Galkin

After my 92 year old mom broke her hip and went through rehab she needed care 24 hours a day. Tanya from the agency provided us with Olga a very caring and compassionate caregiver. After another hospitalization and rehab we had 2 other caregivers Nara and Lidia and both were top notch. Based on my experience with the care provided to my mother by European Best Care’s caregivers I would recommend them.

Ellen R.

Thank you so much!!! It was difficult coordinating services for our mother do to her ever-changing health status and needs. You provided an interview an hour after my mom arrived home and they instantly hit it off. It was a great relief that she was able to start the next morning. WE had been trying to manage her care among the family and occasionally hiring caregivers when she would allow us. We are worn out. Also, the rates are reasonable and we are glad Vida will get paid the amount and not some agency. There is a finder’s fee though which we were willing to pay;well worth it. Thanks again for helping us in a very difficult situation

Debra B.

We contacted Tanya the owner because we needed a caregiver for our father 85 yrs old and our aunt 90 yrs old. Our father is on hospice, we were given not only the best caregiver, we were given an angel. I could not have been happier with our caregiver. Thank you Tanya for finding Vida!! She is amazing!.

Anna Gibson

Tanya professionalism and expert knowledge of the Caregiving needs is the outstanding quality of European Best Care. She had picked a perfect Caregiver for our 97-year-old mother who is on hospice. Within two weeks our mother seems to be a new person lively, more responses each time we visit. A caregiver is ALWAYS at our mother needs 24 hours a day. We would highly recommend European Best Care.

Joe Bienias

European Best care helped me take care of my loved one for four years. The caregivers were very compassionate and dependable. They managed all the activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, transfer assistance and incontinence care. They cooked wonderful meals and managed all the laundry and even helped with shopping. The case manager was so helpful with oversight and even visited to make sure everything was going well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for reliable in-home care and assistance

Janette K.

European Best Care: Premier Senior Care Services

At European Best Care, we are a private home care agency committed to providing high-quality elder care services in Illinois. Our mission is to ensure that seniors in Naperville and Aurora, IL, and the surrounding regions can enjoy their golden years with dignity and comfort.

Comprehensive Elder Care Services

Our services include comprehensive senior care services designed to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our team of highly trained caregivers provides personalized care, catering to the unique needs of each individual. We believe that age doesn't have to mean loss of independence, and we strive to support our clients in maintaining their daily routines as much as possible.

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As a trusted private home care agency in Illinois, we closely collaborate with your family and medical team. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of care and provide peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are in competent and caring hands.

Elderly Care Near Naperville and Aurora, IL

We understand the need for quality and reliable elderly care near Naperville and Aurora, IL. Therefore, we've made it our mission to serve these communities with the utmost dedication. Our caregivers are always ready to provide compassionate and professional assistance, whether it's for personal care, running errands, or managing symptoms of chronic conditions such as Parkinson's disease.

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At European Best Care, we're not just a senior care services provider; we're a family dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for your loved ones. Trust us to provide the care and support that your family deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized senior care services and how we can support your loved ones with the utmost compassion and professionalism.

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