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Parkinson Care

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At European Best, we help Parkinson’s disease patients live with dignity and respect in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Our home care services help with daily living, as this neurological disorder causes a gradual loss of muscle control. Our goal is to help those living with the illnesses remain safe, secure, and independent at home for as long as they can. Parkinson’s disease affects each patient differently; that’s why we adjust our care plans to fit your loved one’s needs. Whether you’re loved one is still in Stage 1 and needs a little extra help tidying around the house, or they’ve progressed to a later stage and require more assistance, we’re here to help.


Our Private Home Care:

We provide quality Parkinson’s disease care with a knowledgeable caregiver who understands the disease and how to best care for patients with it. As the condition progresses, we will update your loved one’s care plan accordingly. Early on, our care will often include assisting the elderly patient with running errands, light housekeeping, and basic meal prep. As Parkinson’s disease evolves and symptoms become more severe, we will help with personal care and daily life activities. Eventually, a Parkinson’s Disease patient may need 24/7 care; we’re fully equipped at European Best to deliver as much or as little care for your loved one as needed. While there is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, we can help with brain stimulation exercises, ensure proper medication adherence, and help with specific therapies will usually alleviate or lessen symptoms.

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