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Hospice Care

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Hospice care or end of life care is designed for people who are terminally ill and in the advanced stages of their illness. The primary focus of hospice care is to prioritize the patient’s comfort and quality of life. This is usually done with various medications to help reduce pain and suffering. The patient will likely be in a hospital bed but remain in the comfort of their own home.

Fully coordinated hospice care at home:

When the disease progresses, they will likely need assistance to keep them comfortable. Our team of hospice carers is ready to help your loved one feel more social while we work hard to ensure their pain is subsided.

Support for family members:

Caring for a loved one who has received news of a terminal illness is one of the hardest things imaginable. Taking that responsibility alone can not only hurt your health, but your loved one may not be receiving the best care by a trained professional. Our caregivers are also on hand to offer their emotional and spiritual support for families of patients receiving in-home end of life care. Regular visits will give family members peace of mind knowing their relative is in good hands. Being a hospice caregiver does take a particular type of person. Our staff members are experienced in this type of care and show a passion for helping a terminally ill person live out their final days in comfort, with the utmost dignity, and surrounding them with feelings of togetherness.

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