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Dementia Care

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In-home dementia care can mean the difference between living at home or moving into an elderly care facility. For seniors who wish to stay at home for longer, we can help. We help seniors struggling with dementia perform daily tasks while ensuring they’re safe and cared for when friends or family members aren’t present. Our services can also be a break for family members in charge of a dementia patient’s primary care.


Our Dementia Care Services:

Our home care agency sends staff members as often or as little as needed to the homes of seniors living with dementia. We help with personal care and daily activities to help the person with dementia live a normal life. We often provide social companionship while helping with small tasks around the home like light house cleaning. Depending on the severity of the patient’s needs, our carers are fully equipped to help bathe, toilet, and dress seniors as well.


We Stay With You:

Since dementia is a progressive disease, patients in the early stages may need only minimal care. Symptoms can develop gradually over many months or years. As the condition persists, we’ll alter our care plan to continue to meet the seniors’ needs. Our goal is to keep your loved one at home for as long as possible without compromising their health, wellbeing, or safety. Our services are completely customizable. If things suddenly and quickly get worse, we will adjust accordingly.

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