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3 Tips For Talking To Your Aging Parent About Home Care

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Over 8 million elderly citizens in the United States receive long-term care services each year. While getting your elderly loved one the help they need can be complicated, it is worth the time and effort you invest. If you notice your aging parent has a hard time performing routine daily tasks, it may be time to get them some help.

One of the best ways to make maintaining a home easier for your elderly loved one is by hiring a reputable home health service. Before you hire a service to provide this help to your parent, you need to talk to them and see how they feel. Some senior citizens are unwilling to give up their independence, which makes convincing them they need home health assistance difficult. Talking to your aging parent about home care will be easy if you follow the tips below.

Propose a Probationary Period

Imposing your will on an aging parent can backfire spectacularly. Rather than going into this talk on the defensive, you need to calm down and plot out what you will say. Having a game plan in place will help you get through this difficult talk without forgetting important information. One of the primary things you need to consider before talking with a senior citizen about home care services is proposing a probationary period.

This means you will agree to give home care services a try for a month or more just to see if your aging parent likes it. In most cases, your parents will grow to love the help they get from the home care service. Not only will a good home care service help with things like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, they can also provide your aging parent with some much-needed socialization.

Have a Home Care Service Selected Before the Talk

Properly preparing for the talk you have with your aging parent about home care is crucial. Ideally, you want to have a home care service already chosen before you have this talk. By choosing a home care service ahead of time, you can provide your aging loved one with information about the services they offer.

As you start to research the various home care providers in your area, you need to make sure they provide services your parent actually needs. For instance, if your elderly parent is having a hard time shopping for groceries or cooking, you want to choose a service that can provide this assistance.

Point Out the Advantages of Home Care

Creating a list of home care advantages to share with your aging loved one is also a good idea. Letting them know about the services a particular company will provide them may win them over. You need to be aware that your parent may request some time to think about their decision. Instead of getting impatient, you need to wait it out and let them make a decision.

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