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Elderly Companionship Services

Our elderly companionship services are an excellent option for seniors who may live far from relatives. We’re here to offer companionship services to provide company, conversation, and help with daily activities. Depression, anxiety, and lack of ambition are all associated with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Our caregivers are on hand to engage in conversations, play games, keep their minds stimulated, and so much more. At European Best, our compassionate, talented, and enthusiastic caregivers will share experiences and personal stories with the seniors, creating an extraordinary bond. This bond will help seniors feel less isolated. Our caregivers look forward to visits with our seniors just as much as the seniors look forward to spending one-on-one time with them. We help to eliminate the fears and concerns family members may be having. We can assure your loved one will be in good hands with us. Our care isn’t limited to only in-home companionship. If the senior wishes to spend time outside, shopping, in the park, at church, or wherever they chose, one of our talented caretakers is never far behind. Along with providing company, our caretakers are trained to assist the elderly with any age-related difficulties they may be facing.

Elderly companionship services include:

  • Assistance with toileting
  • Playing games, cards, puzzles, and more brain-stimulating activities
  • Provide a personal link and connection with another person
  • Being a confidant for the senior
  • Transportation to and from doctors appointments
  • Assistance caring for pets (feeding, walking)
  • Help with personal hygiene (bathing, grooming, oral care, toileting)

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Home Care Service

Our friendly and caring caregivers can arrive on an as-needed basis to provide home care services for your loved ones. We will work with you to create the best possible care plan for your family members and provide as much or as little care required for them to feel safe, comfortable, and independent. Our caretakers will likely become part of your family. After spending a significant amount of time with the senior, in most cases, an unbreakable bond is formed. The senior’s caretaker will provide a slew of emotional and physical support, such as help with dressing, assistance with home care needs, and more, all while engaging in friendly conversation. The caretakers can also perform light housekeeping and prepare healthy and delicious meals for the senior. It’s our job to give you peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands, and all of their needs are being met. Each member of our staff is hand-selected based on their levels of professionalism, qualifications, and ability to show compassion. We create a custom care plan for every client to ensure each senior is getting the right care for them. We encourage our seniors to choose how they would like to spend their time with us. Some activities may include going on walks, attending church services, going out to eat, and much more.

Home care services include:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, oral care)
  • Food shopping, meal prep and clean up
  • Walks around the neighborhood, parks, or local restaurants
  • Transportation to the grocery store, doctors appointments, errands
  • Elderly companionship
  • Medication reminders

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Hospice Care

Hospice care focuses on caring for a terminally ill patient. In general, hospice care is provided when no other treatment options are being offered for severe illness. This particular kind of care centers around the patient’s quality of life and their caregivers. We offer our services to people experiencing advanced, terminal, and life-limiting illnesses. Hospice care provides a compassionate, loving, and genuine concern for people in their last phases of life. Hospice treats the person, their symptoms, and their feelings, rather than the incurable disease itself. It centers around palliative care, symptom management, or comfort care. Our expert caregivers will help manage symptoms and side effects the person may be having to ensure their last days are spent pain-free, with the utmost dignity, and surrounded by family and friends. We are very family-centered here and include the patient and family members in all decision making. The goal of hospice is to eliminate any pain the patient may be having while affirming the outlook that death is the final stage in every human life. Our mission is to help get you through this dire time in your life. Let us be your anchor when you need a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, or a friend to talk to. No matter what, we want you to know that we are on your side and are here to fully support you and your family during this incredibly painful phase.

Hospice care services include:

  • Breaks periodically for primary caregivers and family members
  • Ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible
  • Minimize pain and other side effects
  • Help with dressing, bathing, and daily hygiene
  • Reduce feelings of loneliness, fear, and anxiety
  • Housekeeping responsibilities (laundry, light cleaning, change bedding)
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping

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24/7 Support

Does your loved one require around-the-clock assistance? Our team of qualified caretakers at European Best are fully equipped to offer continuous support. Nighttime can be frightening for a senior. If your loved one can’t be home alone, or they wish to have someone stay in the house at night, we are here to provide the most compassionate and best 24/7 support. With us there at night, we can help with any nighttime needs, like drinks, bathroom trips, or medication reminders. We’re also on hand to help prevent any falls and tumbles during the day and night. If your loved one has been experiencing any signs of dizziness or has fallen within the past few months, you may want to consider 24/7 support. We will provide you with two or more caregivers who will rotate shifts to ensure someone is always awake, alert, and available day and night. We’re here to help at any given time. Some seniors have a habit of wandering at night; this could not only pose a potential threat to them but others as well. One of our caretakers will always be there to ensure they will never pose a danger to themselves or others.

Indications it’s time to switch to a 24/7 care plan include:


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Personal Care

An older adult experiencing difficulties performing daily personal care tasks like bathing, cooking, and grooming may feel a lack of motivation, sadness, and feelings of defeat. We’re here to encourage seniors to continue to live independently by offering non-medical in-home personal care assistance. Maintaining the dignity of our patients is the primary goal and concern for our caregivers, and we will take all measures to ensure the senior is comfortable. In-home elderly personal care can mean a lot of different things, depending on the senior and their unique needs. At European Best, we carefully match a talented, qualified, and professional caregiver with your loved one. Not being able to handle basic daily living tasks alone anymore doesn’t mean a person must leave their home and move into an elderly care facility. Our personal care services allow seniors to remain independent and in the comfort of their own home, while family members don’t have to worry about them being taken care of. With personal attention, day-to-day life is made easy, so seniors can stay put for years to come. Our goal is to exceed expectations and go above and beyond when it comes to in-home elderly personal care. Personal care will help reduce feelings of fear family members face when their loved ones are no longer able to care for themselves adequately.

Personal care services include:

  • Oral hygiene (mouth, gum, and denture care)
  • Personal hygiene (bathing, showering, grooming, skin and nail care)
  • Dressing
  • Dignified toileting assistance
  • Help with mobility
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Elderly companionship
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Pet assistance (feeding, walking)
  • Running errands (grocery shopping, pharmacy)
  • Interacting with family members to provide health updates on the senior
  • Exercise to help maintain a healthy body and mind (walks in the park)
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