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Why Companionship Care?

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Companionship Care

The primary goal of companion care is emotional support and socialization. Our caregivers visit elderly adults who function independently in their own home environments. Our at-home visits help prevent loneliness, maintain social skills, stimulate positive thoughts, and offer an increased sense of purpose. Seniors have the creative freedom to decide how they would like to spend their time with us. Most of the time, this caregiver service involves doing brain-stimulating activities, playing games, watching TV, sharing stories, or taking short walks.

Seniors will have a full range of activities to choose from. We are not there to take away their freedoms; we are there to help them enjoy daily life just a little bit more. We help when and where we are needed without overstepping boundaries or making our seniors feel inadequate.

Our goal is to create a long-lasting friendship. Human contact is an incredibly powerful tool. We hope our seniors think of us like a friend who sometimes helps with the dishes, rather than a caregiver sent to “babysit.”

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