When we have an elderly loved one, it can be challenging to know how best to provide them with our support. Often, we fail to understand what it is that we can do to add to the quality of life for the ones we love. With seniors, merely our presence and interactions can positively affect their overall mental and physical well being. Even if you are unable to be personally active in your elderly loved ones’ daily lives, there are things you can do to ensure that they feel loved and supported.

Isolation among seniors is a problem that will continue to be on the rise as our population ages. Loneliness and social isolation among the elderly has been shown to increase their chances of poor health. Finding ways to provide support to our elderly loved ones is important to ensure that their overall health and wellbeing are cared for.

Importance Of Remaining Connected

Promoting the social connectedness of our seniors who are cared for in their homes is a top priority when it comes to their mental health and physical well being. Even for those who receive regular in-home care can become isolated socially from their peer group, causing them distress that can lead to depression.

Meeting Transportation Needs

Arranging for your loved one to attend religious and social functions is important to keep as much of a normal social schedule as possible. As they become unable to drive themselves, seniors can become withdrawn from their peers, which can lead to depression. Many transportation services exist that can be scheduled to safely transport seniors to events, meetings, appointments, and stores that will allow them to participate in activities that are important to them.

The Human Need To Give

Many seniors who receive in-home care can become disillusioned by the fact that they are no longer caretakers themselves. Experts agree that nurturing can help relieve feelings of not only social isolation but also of feeling no longer needed. Providing your loved one with a pet to care for can increase their self worth and motivation while decreasing their depression and loneliness.

Nurturing an animal, whether it is a dog or a fish, can give your loved one a sense of meaning, establishing a need for them to fulfill. Ties to others, animals or people, help create the bonds that decrease social isolation and its negative effects. Of course, there is no replacement for the bond between humans, and the more you can visit or participate in your elderly loved one’s life, the better their experience will be.

For our elderly, remaining socially connected is of utmost importance. At European Best Home Care & Assistant, we are committed to providing the best care for your loved one while continually finding ways to ensure their mental and physical needs are met.