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Qualifying for home health benefits means a few things. Obviously, it means that a home health professional will be hired to stop by your house every day (if not outright live with you) and see to your needs. What services are provided depend on what those needs specifically are. So, if you qualify for at home health services in Illinois, here are the main services that will be offered to you, depending on what your current situation is.

Nursing services

If your condition is medical in nature, then a skilled medical nurse will be instructed to help you around the house, or at least under the supervision of said nurse. These services include tube feedings. Changing catheters, providing injections, as well as the knowledge of how to self-inject, observation and management of your condition, evaluation of the care plan you’ve chosen, and finally caring for any physical wounds you may have suffered as a results of, or as a by-product of your condition.

Therapy service

This is when your condition is mental or behavioral in nature. These therapies include physical, occupational and speech therapy. These therapy services are vital and reasonable for helping you recover from an illness or injury that has left you physically or mentally impaired in some way. For physical training, you’re in for such practices as gait training and special exercises to help you regain movement in areas of your body. Speech therapy boils down to classes to help you regain your speaking skills. And finally, occupational therapy is to help you regain the ability to perform basic at-home function such as putting on clothes or eating.

Medical supplies and equipment

Sometimes it takes more than a helping hand to help get you back on your feet or through the day. Sometimes it takes special equipment to help you along the way. Whether these be simple bits of medical supplies such as wound dressings, catheters, and so forth, or more durable pieces of medical equipment like walkers or wheelchairs. Most medical home health companies pay for these supplies in full, or at the very least, cover about 80% of the overall cost. In the latter case you’ll usually cover about 20% coinsurance, or even 15% more than that if your insurance company doesn’t want to take assignment.

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