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When it comes to properly caring for our senior citizens, being more than a caretaker who just reminds them of their medication is required. Elderly citizens need human contact just as much, if not more, then everyone else. Basic communication with another person is critical for their mental and emotional health. Giving time and attention to an older person can make all the difference in the world.

Emotional support:

Our carers are here to be a reliable companion. We understand seniors don’t just need someone who can stay by them, like a babysitter, they need and deserve so much more than that. Our staff members will come to the senior’s home to chat, laugh, discuss, and share deep thoughts and feelings with them. More often than not, an unbreakable bond is formed between the carer and the senior. We consider it a mission accomplished when our carer is just as thrilled to pay a visit to the senior, as they are to welcome them into their home.

Fun and games:

If your loved one likes doing a puzzle, having a friend to watch the news with, or enjoys playing a great card of cards, our carers are ready to play! At European Best, we want the seniors to lead the way. If they feel like going for a walk, catching a movie, or baking cookies, that’s what we’ll do. Companion care is all about encouraging feelings of bonding and togetherness to eliminate the risk of depression-induced loneliness.

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