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Researching the various care options for a senior loved one can be overwhelming, and the adult children tasked with this decision may find it challenging to determine what option is best for their family. There are some options, such as moving the senior to a residential care facility that requires major lifestyle changes.

A better option for many families is home care. If you are considering this for your senior loved one, keep reading to learn about some of the main benefits it offers.


The main benefit offered by home care is that your loved one can age in place, in their home, where they are the most comfortable and familiar with the surroundings. They can sleep in their own bed, use their own bathroom, and continue to follow the day-to-day routines they are used to. When your senior loved one is in familiar surroundings, it is very beneficial, particularly for those who suffer from progressive conditions that may affect the memory, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Personalized Care

Rather than adjusting to the routines and schedules at a care facility, customized home care services can meet the needs of the seniors and their families. It doesn’t matter if your loved one just needs help for several hours a day, or if they need full-time, live-in care, home care provides the flexible options you need and can adapt the care schedule to meet your schedule.


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In the US alone, over 72% of seniors have some form of disability. When it comes to elderly in-home care, if the senior does have any physical or mental limitations, the carer must be equipped to provide the proper care. Some special needs patients may have had intellectual or physical disabilities from birth. Others could be the result of an unfortunate injury or illness, while others can be related to advanced age. Caring for a senior with special needs must be done in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

What do we provide?

Before we begin any care regimen, we will determine how we can best meet their needs. We do this by discussing with family members and physicians if needed to learn what has worked best for them over the years. Having consistency is critical, especially with anyone who is mentally handicapped, so we want to stick with what works and understand what doesn’t.

Physical assistance – Older adults with physical disabilities often feel excluded. We want to give each senior the chance to be as active as they can while feeling like they belong. If there are any groups, classes, or special activities the senior would like to participate in, we’re ready to take them.

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