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3 Tips For Finding Elderly Companionship Services

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3 Tips for Finding Elderly Companionship Services

As our loved ones age, their lives become incrementally more lonely. Through death or divorce, many aging parents find themselves alone. Then, the long, slow march of years begins to decimate their list of friends and acquaintances. Some move away. Others simply lose touch. Yet others pass away. The result is that your loved one’s social circle continues to shrink, leading to a very lonely life. It does not have to be that way. Elderly companionship services can help, but you’ll need to choose the right provider. Here are three things to look for when choosing such a company.

List of Activities

One of the first things to consider when comparing elderly companionship services is the range of activities that the caregiver can provide for your loved one. Will the watch TV and have conversations? Will they offer transportation or companionship outside the house? Will they provide assistance with daily living activities, like dressing, bathing, grooming, cleaning the home and the like? Will they help with grocery shopping, or even go shopping on your loved one’s behalf? Will they prepare meals, run errands and remind your loved one about medications?


It is very important that you work with a senior care provider that thoroughly vets their companions. Thorough background checks should be the rule. In addition to investigating their backgrounds, the employer should make sure that caregivers are good fits for the role in terms of personality and character. They should be compassionate, outgoing, patient, able to communicate well, and not easily frustrated.

Check References

Trusting someone to care for your loved one, even if on a companionship basis, is a big decision. You need to make certain that you are making an informed decision. Part of that is asking for references for the senior care provider. Then, you need to do your due diligence and actually contact those references. Where they satisfied with the elderly companionship provided? Did their loved one enjoy the experience? Were there any issues that arose during the time? Would they repeat their experience?

At European Best Care, we offer compassionate, professional elder services and we look forward to ensuring the best quality of life for your loved one. We invite you to call us today at 630-202-2421 to learn more about our range of services, or to have your questions answered.

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